Camp #1 Young Scientists (June 29 - J​uly 3 )(excluding July 1)

Come and see the cool experiments we have planned. Children will learn how science relates to the world around us!

Camp #2 Water Fun Camp (July 6-10)

During this exciting camp, the children will visit various water parks in our city, play water games, build sandcastles, participate in ice bowling and perhaps visit nearby lakes such as Paul Lake or Lac Le Jeune. Grab a bathing suit and towel because this camp is sure to make a big splash!!

Camp #3 Around The World  (July 13-17)

We will learn about different cultures around the world through various activities, arts,crafts and food!

Camp #4 Space Adventure  (July 20-24)      -more details to follow

Camp #5 Playing With Paint etc..... (July 27-31)

Join the teachers for a great summer camp adventure that will encourage the artist in each child at this camp. With variety of experiences, children will be exploring different painting methods and having fun with paint! We may also make a visit to Long and McQuade music store to learn about instruments, and then children can try their hands at making their own instruments and put those painting skills to use.

Camp #6 Young Bakers  (August 4-7) 

Join us this week to create some yummy treats and learn some kitchen skills!

Camp #7 Wet & Wild  (August 10-14)

Kids love water fun so much - we just had to have a second week of water fun right!

Camp #8 Adventure Week  (August 17-21)

The children are treated to an adventure of self-discovery through fun exploration of nature, their bodies and minds! The children will be going on a variety of nature walks in many of our local trails such as Peterson Creek park, Kenna Cartwright, McConnell Lake Loop and the Juniper trails. During these outings, the children will be learning about the various plants and animals native to Kamloops. Using items found on these trails, the children will have a chance to put those creative minds to work and create some masterpieces! This camp may also include a scavenger hunt (or two) and geocashing!

Camp #9 Mini Olympics (August 24-28)   - details to be announced

Camp #10 Carnival Camp (August 31-September 4)

Come join us for some good old carnival fun!  Who doesn't love Cotton Candy and Popcorn right? 

Camps are for School Age Children - Kindergarten to 11 years old.

Arrival for full day camps: 8:00-8:30 -Pick up between 5 and 5:30.  

If you need to pick your child up earlier, please make arrangements ahead of time as we will be spending a fair amount of time off campus

Summer Camps 2021 will be posted in the Spring 2021. 

You may contact us,  regarding fees and registration forms at that time.

We will send Summer Camp Registration Forms home with your school age children in the Spring of 2021!